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Awesome Team Players

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Choosing Your Work Space

Choose Your Work Space


Soren Kierkegaaro “Life is not A problem to be solved, but A reality to be experienced.”

If you are just getting started with your home based business, and want to know about how to create and define a great office right in the privacy of your own home.

Here Are 4 Steps To Help you Create A Great Space where ever you choose.



If your home is a physical space or is it A well-defined space?

Some people office space is a little bit of everywhere.

Ask yourself, when you engage or disengaged with it.

  • Do you set a time to work?
  • Do you have a particular place anywhere in the home?

Step 2.


Ask yourself Is Your Office A Mindset?

  • Can you intentionally tap into and let go of work thoughts?
  • Have you tried setting A time when concrete time and thoughts at work are just not welcome.

Step 3.


  • When does your office begins and ends?
  • Are your office hour goals realistic?

Step 4.


This is your defined workspace, embrace, and enjoy the flexibility to work whenever and wherever. This is the benefit of enjoying the best of both worlds. Your office and home.

Eight Things To Remember:

1. Be on time for work

2. Write Notes to yourself

3. Complete all daily tasks

4. Take a lunch break daily

5. Take time off to relax

6. Answer your mail daily

7. Take several breaks

8. Eat a healthy nutrition lunch







“Professional Development is Created, and not Bought.”

Beloved Friends!

Cheers and Laughter!

Blogged by Louisa B

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