Getting Started


Your First Day Working At Home!



Get Organized Management Planning Concept

We all face this problem every day. Whether at home, work or school.

1. Write a to-do–list This is the key to keeping up with the fast pace of time. The areas that need the most attention is at home, work or school.

2. Put things back where it belong. How often do you remove things and put it somewhere else, a place where it do not belong.

TIP: To stay organized; make it a habit and put things right back where you move them from. During this will surely help boost up your forgetfulness.

3.Keep A Filing System Keeping a filing stem that works for you makes a big different. Especially if you are working at home. When working out of the home you must maintain more that one filing systems; one for expenditures, medical, school, etc.

4. Follow-Up-List It is a good idea to make a follow-up list of things, people, and appointments.

5 Multi-Task Many times you will fall behind with doing chores because the time is just not there and you have a deadline to meet. You may have to multi-task to keep from falling behind.



6. Stop Procrastinating Get things done. Stop putting things off until later. If you find yourself falling behind and things are out of control because you didn’t follow through with your to-do-list. Just get up and get it done.

7. Do Answer your mail daily. Set aside a time to get this done. What normally work for me is answer your email, and/or mail at the same time every day.

8. Limit how long you stay on personal phone calls. The less you stay on necessary calls the less you will get things of importance done.

9. Get Creative: You can use household empty containers for organizing. Empty shoe boxes work wonders.

TIPS: They are great for holding index cards, pens, and, pencils, etc. Old plastic milk crates of good for books and for folders. These you can find at your local grocery store.

10. Appointments: Try to only schedule one per day, not more than one on the same day.

11. Organize your Schedule: Keep the relevant together and the unimportant together.

12. Organize your trips: Plan ahead, pack ahead and don’t over pack.


Appointments: Keep your appointment book handy.

14.Return Phone Calls: Make a list of phone calls you need to make.

15. Paper clutter: Use a paper threader to help minimize paper build up. This will help you have more space for other trash.

16. Labels: these work very well. By labeling things you will be able to find things easier.

17.Trays: Make a coming-In tray and a going-out tray for mail and packages.

18. Racks Coat racks work wonders. How many times have you found your self-throwing your coat on your desk or on a chair, and let’s not clutter your workspace!

19. Blog: Set aside a time that works better for you. Try blogging the same time each day. Sometimes this can be impossible because people schedules vary.


20. Unwind: Find time to unwind….


I hope you had a restful weekend!

More Coming!

Louisa B