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How It Works?



Profit for Seniors


Now anyone can stay home and earn a paycheck easy. Have you ever wanted to ‘Be Your Own Boss Work Home’ But just didn’t know how? Well, learn more in the next few steps.


Profit For Seniors

Today, more jobs are done at a computer, designing new products, or analyzing data or writing

code. Most people are leaving the inconvinence of the work place in such of a more stablized setting

Be Your Own Boss is the new trend of the century.  The majority of working class people outside of

of the home are bat starting their new venture. Young and seniors, middle class and the rich are seeking

for better and productive ways to mind their dollars.

Over the past 20 years I have learned that work at home are not a difficult tasks, someone with just a high-school

education can do this. Everyday, millions of people are looking for a way out of that 9 to  5 job in search of financial

stability and independence.


10 Ways To Make Profit Seniors

Today, I’m going to show you in 10 easy steps how you can

get started with no money. Yes, it’s free to “Get Started!”

  1. Get Rolling

Here is where it all started in 2016 for me. Kyle and Carson founders of

Wealthy Affiliate made a breakthrough for millions of everyday people to

learn how to start-up their own home business in these ten simple steps.

The Contents listed here are for your guide to get started as you join as a

premium member when you are ready to upgrade.



Lesson 1. Get Rolling

Lesson 2. Understanding How To Make Money Online

Lesson 3: Choose A Niche

Lesson 4: Building your own Niche Website

Lesson 5: Setting Up Your Website

Lesson 6: Getting Your site Ready For Search Engines

Lesson 7: Create Your Initial Website Contents

Lesson 8: Creating Custom Menus on your website

Lesson 9: Understanding Keywords

Lesson 10: Conclusion

c” By 2025, nearly 1 in 3 Americans may transition to online platforms

to support themselves with on-demand homework.”


“By 2025, nearly 1 in 3 Americans may transition to

online platforms to support themselves with on- demand home-

base job. Already about 5 percent of Americans earn money by

doing online tasks for a job platform including for low paying


 2. Understanding How To Make Money Online

DISCUSS THIS VIDEO HERE: Wealthy Affiliate Walkthrough – How YOU Can Benefit From WA

3. Choose A Niche

Choosing your niche is about the easiest part when getting started

with your business, A Niche is simply a product idea or passion

something you like doing, a hobby, a business, something you

made or created.

I normally tell clients to not look at it as though a Niche is something

that is not reachable or possible. Most people really have a difficult time

trying to come up with a simple idea, because they have many passions

and likes, and it makes decision making much more difficult

4. Builiding You Own Niche Website

Building your website is fun, You will get an opportunity to choose your theme from

wordpress. There are over 2000 options to choose from when starting out building

your sites. The good thing is that when using the Site Domain, you will get to

customize your project. Another good thing is that you can change your theme if

later you decide that you are unhappy with your choice and it’s just not working to

your liking.https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=12d68bb1

Below I have provided you a video that was created by the owner Kyle

to help you to move along withe the training process. Feel free to watch

it as many times it take for you to digest the information that is going to

help you in an efficient manner.

Your learning never ends it is an on-going university that is geared towards

helping anybody that want to learn about affiliate marketing.


DISCUSS VIDEO: Setting Up Your WA Account is EASY

  1. Setting Up Your Website

You will find a ton of tools to use and learn everything you need to know about setting

up you website. The video above is filled with lost of easy to follow steps in sitting up your

Wealthy Affiliate Account. You really want to take in as much of what Kyle has put together

for your getting started in an efficient manner.

The good thing here at WA is that we have a huge community that is very experienced and

readily available to answer your questions and help you with any problem you may have.



  1. Getting Your Site Ready for Search Engine


  1. Create Your Intial Website Contents

When you are ready to create your initial website contents, you will be directed

to SiteRubix to build your website. The steps are very easy to follow. Take notice

to your Activity Dashboard. There you have your basic roadmap to follow.

listed on you left, you will find a list or directory. The tab is your Get Started area,

click on ot and it will take you directly to your Getting Started course and lesson.

Click on the darker blue tab and it will take you to the “Live Chat.” There you

can join the community. Ask questions you may have, and you can answer

someone else question. So hear you have another great tool to use

to help you on your success journey.

Click on the Lite blue tab and it will point you to SiteRubix Tool,now

this is a very inportant tool that will take you to the WordPress themes and tools

for all your blogging needs. Once you click on the lite blue tab a guide has all

of the other functions for your easy access to writing and building your websites.

The black tab will take you directly to Bootcamp Trainings, There you will find

everything you need to learn about the more advanced curb. As you can promote

bootcamp as your learn the lessons and tasks.


Get All of the “Juicy” Details About Premium Here!

  1. Creating Custom menus On Your Website


  1. Understanding Key Words



In our society today there are fewer and fewer jobs are available to less educated

workers outside major cities, These very workere have turned to online platform to

support themselves, only to find they are feeling a lot of competition from all the other

workers like themselves.

People of all walks of life  are plunging in to find that niche that will bring additional income

to make their needs meet. Have you took notice to a trend, a great crowd of retired people

Many are looking to devote their new found  free time to a hobby, business, or to simply

find their retirement dreams. Be your Own Home Boss-Work Home is here to help out with

the needs of our seniors.https://www.crypto-homebossceo.com


“The Highest rate of entrepreneurship in the USA has been among

ages 55 to 64 years old, and people over 55 are twice as likely to

launch successfully new companies than those 20 to 34 years of age.”



Rule of thumb for Seniors

If you have and idea or passion, don’t just sit on it to long, “Get Started”

Here at Wealthy Affiliate University. Watch your dreams become a reality.

Now you have more time than you did when you was younger. Home Boss Ceo

is here to help you along this success journey!

“Have A Dream, Make It A Reality Now!”

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Six Reasons Why Affiliate Programs Reject Your Application


Six Reason Why Affiliate Programs Reject your Application

My History

Six Common Reasons why your application don’t get Immediate Results:

Have you ever applied to an Affiliate Program and your application was rejected; well, the first thing you want to do is read the rules and regulations before you apply. Make should that your information is in compliance with the program you are applying for.

Don’t assume that you can just fill put out the form with incomplete information. You should fill the form out just as you would when applying for a job with a company or firm outside the home.

Affiliate Marketing is a very highly recognized position that is practically easier to get than most jobs. However, you must be professional when applying, because the company or program will judge your application for compliant. Please represent your presentation.


Waiting to get feedback can be very annoying, so be patience and go to the next application. “Try not to put all you eggs in one basket.” “What’s good for the goose is good for the gambler.”

Q-TIP When submitting your resume for a position with a company, you want it to be clean, sharp, and complete with detailed information.

Wikipedia say, Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliate for each visitor or custom brought by the affiliate’s own marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a common way to make money online is through affiliate marketing.

“Affiliate Marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing.”

Affiliate marketing involves promoting products or services, and earnings a commission when a purchase(or desired action is made via your referral link.)


Acceptance to most affiliate networks is not guaranteed.
Some networks carefully consider every application submitted.
Most Applications must wait at least 24 to 48 hours before getting feedback or result.
Below are Six points why most applications are rejected for the following reasons:

Incomplete or false contact information
Invalid business or personal tax ID (US Affiliates Only)
Failure to disclose promotional methods
Unacceptable website content including promotion of activity considerate illegal in the United States.
An inability to verify web site (s), phone number (s) , and email (s). Therefore, to increase the likelihood of becoming an affiliate. There are certain things that must be in compliance with company rules and regulations.
For most programs, a pay pal account must be in place, or you can apply.

What do affiliate marketing rules restrict?


“Links in ads from affiliates should point to their landing pages, not yours.” This is because direct linked ads from affiliates will complete with your ads for placement and ad serving frequency.”

Blog By Louisa B

Journey Of A Home Boss CEO



Journey Of a Home Boss CEO

Home Boss CEO can build a professional network or service

It is perfectly okay to interact and build successful relationship

with personal, and non-business interactions. You can build a

successful platform by networking.































7 Ways To Win Your Customers



Seven Ways to Win your Customers and keep them Coming.

1. Keep detailed notes

By keeping detailed notes about a customer, will enable you to deal with them more effectively. You will be getting to know a little about their likes and dislikes, their yes, and no’s.

2. Stay in contact

You want to stay in contact with your customers, this shows a caring attitude. Every buyer wants to know that it isn’t just about the sell, but it is the overall business relationship.

  • Keep them up to date about new products
  • Letting them know when there will be a sale on the items they wanted.
  • Sending a thank you card is a great way to stay in contact
  • Remembering special dates, can really be a great way to keep in contact


How can you create loyal customers if they aren’t paying attention to you.

3. Be easy to do business with

We must be able to sell yourselves and not the products first. Maintain a good attitude when dealing with customers means a lot to the buyer. They are investing their money into a great sales person along with a great product.

4. Talk the customer language

Speak to your customers and not at them, and keep hypothetical terms in the back. Talk on the same level as your customer. You don’t won’t to impress them with hypo words and language.

5. Admit Mistakes

The worse case is to try and conceal your mistake. People are all subject to making mistakes all day long, especially in the marketing business where there isn’t no perfection. Be ready to admit your mistakes out openly.

6. Pay Attention

If you don’t pay attention, how will you be able to address the needs of your prospect or customer. The least thing you don’t want to do is represent yourself in the wrong way. If you don’t listen to them you want be able to provide them with great service.

7. Add Value

There are two ways to add value:

  • Treat your customer as a valuable buyer and you will have them for a life time.
  • Put value on all your products. Make sure that your are selling to them the best product on the market.

Family and Friends: Ladies and Gents


PARALOGIZE___ To draw conclusions that do not follow logically from a given set of assumptions.


The Importants of Networking in your home Business

  • Computer Networking
  • Networking solutions
  • Networking Services
  • Wireless Network
  • Media Networking

All of these networking sources to interact with people to exchange information

and develope contacts, especially to further one’s career.

Wikipedia__”Networking is a socioeconomic business activity by which business

people and entrepreneurs meet to form business relationships, and to recognize, create

or act upon business opportunity, share information and seek potential partners for ventures.

Ten Successful Tips For Business Networking

  1. Exchange of ideas
  2. Builds Strong Business Relationships
  3. It’s an Integral Part of Business
  4. Helps builds up a strong foundation
  5. Great way To Collect and Share Ideas
  6. Social Networking
  7. It’s the blood life of a business
  8. Broaden Your Personal research method
  9. A Great way To Stay Connected
  10. Staying on To of The News In Networking


“Most successful  entrepreneurs know that networking is a serious game

and it’s definitely, not how many business cards you have or pass out and

collect. It’s not about how many products you can sell or whom you can instantly

impress, exploit or to get what you want.” https://www.entrepreneurs.com



Word of mouth



Emailing Networking

Telephone Networking

Connect Face To Face

Social Medium