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Home Boss Ceo In Progress

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Awesome Team Players

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Wealthy Affiliate A Great Community

Wealthy Affiliate A Great Community

A Great Definition for such a Wonderful Growing Community.

A social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, and often have a “common cultural and historical heritage.”

Poetry Of A Community

A well driven group,

with the same or different interest

citizenry they may well be

a people, a company, public

a city, town, country and island

areas are particular

society of a circle, a city it is

a growing family, professionals

retired, teachers, parents and lawyers

population a populace

singers, dancers, doctors and nurses

a charmed circle

a crowd going places

university, coalition, elite in groups

individualist, council, union

tribe and inhabitants a seacoast

sisterhood, brotherhood, relative

a likeness, similarity, equalivalency

correspondence, vocation, a council

in-group, close to comfort

dwellers from the lands

from far away, network filled

college will guide, the public a square

citizens filled hope and success


I was sitting here thinking about the importance of a great community like WA.

I hope you can find yourself among the collection of meaning called A community.


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