About Home Boss CEO


About Home Boss CEO

Maybe you are wondering who is Home Boss Ceo?

Well, before we go any further, it’s my priviledge to introduce my self as Sister Ceo.

I am Louisa B, founder of Home Boss Ceo, and I am the originality of this site. First, I want to thank you

for stopping by to check us out. In line of this, I am an Affiliate Markerting Coach at Wealthy Affiliate University.  I am a very innovative person by nature, of course, I am a person who

loves, and craves for all of the good things in life. I have a deep passion for all of God’s Creation. I spend a lot of my

time observing, blogging, writing short articles, poetry, and short stories. I am a mentor for helping special  growing children. As  I taught different age groups in a childhood school setting a few years back. Anyway, I have many desires, passions and likes. I want to learn new things pertaining to my passion. Since then, I have experienced several success journeys, hoping to settle and develope my niche and become a success on the internet.

Another one is reselling used women fashion and accessories. I have a fashion closet online. at https://poshmark.com/closet/loupara/secondbest/foxythreadazine I love to test products and service reviews. I hope to develope my own Anti-Aging facial cream one day, and  publish my first own ebooks. Moreover, I spend a great deal of time daydreaming about making Home Boss become a Success story.

A year ago I became a member at Wealthy Affiliate. I am proud to say that this is my first year anniversary

working with a huge awesome community. My short journey has been a wonderful experience and exilirating one. Since joining WA, I have since gained a hope, one that I’ll always wished for or dreamed of having. WA as a very huge community of helping people. As of today, I am impacted with new learning, ideas, a new business, and a new reality. Still learning to build a great and awesome site.  Now, I am engaged in a community where, I am able to help others reach their ultimate goal.

Again, Thanks To Kyle and Carson, Owners of Wealthy Affiliate University: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/sign-up/

Also,  Thank You, for taking the time out of your business schedule to visit my site. http://homebossceo.siterubix.com/wp-admin/

This is My New Reality…


About Home Boss Ceo…

We are a dedicated independent service, working towards a common goal.

Our position here is to provide the best advertising service on the internet.

Since we are rarely new, we are very open to your advice, feedback and/or

suggestions.  We are a small  service provider, and we are still in the

building phase of creating a strong and dedicated service for our visitors.

We work on a small scale, individually, and mainly, online. We do not house

products on this site.

Another one of our goals is to provide top of the line service reviews for your product

of service. We are a dedicated service, that want to offer the most fair and best service to

our consumers. http://wealthysitefree.siterubix.com

We realize, that if we deliver, in return, our reward will be appreciated.


Learn more about our service in our Private Policy Statement/ and or Disclaimer.


Email: louisapromonews@gmail.com











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